Studio goals and aim!

Our studio is comprised of several college students, each of us having joined as a way to learn and practice our skills. We range widly in focus, with students in multiple majors filling out our ranks. Our goal with this studio is not only to learn how to make games, but also to make games that people enjoy as much as the games we enjoyed as kids. Later on, once we get further along and have released our first game, we are going to transition from a purely Game Design studio to an Entertainment studio. This studio will then create all kinds of things, from mods, to games, to stories, to music, and much more!

Meet the team!

Alex Clay

Alex Clay is the founder, creative director, and lead programmer for 2812 Studios. He is the one that brings new members in, handles administrative tasks, and oversees development as a whole. Majoring in Game Design and Animation, his goal is to create a name for 2812 Studios, and to expand the scope and capabilities of it.

He's begun looking into the idea of creating a studio in his early years of high school, though met no success until he began college. Since then, he has recruited artists, coders, and more, and has began interning at other studios in order to learn and rapidly gain experience. His favorite part about developing games is the process of conceptualizing gameplay systems, and then bringing those ideas to life.

He is very interested in learning more advanced coding, and has devoted countless hours outside of school to learning C# and the Unity Game Engine Scripting API. Additionally, he's began the process of learning C++ and HTML, and seeks to learn PHP and JavaScript as soon as is possible.

Eric Lloyd

Eric Lloyd is the cofounder, graphic designer, and main pixel artist for 2812 Studios. He is the one that creates nearly all sprites for the game, including all rooms, weapons, and scenery unveiled so far. Majoring in Graphic Design, his goal is to learn more about creating effective graphic design pieces while furter developing his unique style and art direction.

He first met Alex in 6th grade, and has stayed in contact ever since. While on Christmas Break, 2016, he and Alex decided to start working on a board game that was codenamed Project: Regicide. This board game will be finished at some point, though is currently in limbo. He is the chip on Alex's shoulder, and as such plays a big role in ensuring new gameplay features are realized and brought to the game in a reasonable way.

He is very interested in furthering his knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, and is eager to try 3D modeling software like Blender, Maya, and 3Ds Max. He is taking every step possible to ensure the game's art is realized in the best way possible.