Studio goals and aim!

Our studio is comprised of mainly of college students, with many of us having joined as a way to learn and practice our skills. Our goal with this studio is not only to learn how to make games, but also to make games that people enjoy as much as the games we enjoyed as kids. Later on, once we get further along and have released our first game, we are going to transition from a purely Game Design studio to an Entertainment studio. This studio will then create all kinds of things, from mods, to games, to stories, to music, and much more!

All of our members are very driven in their goal to grow game development in the Appalachian region. As such, many of our members worked with other local game developers to form the Appalachian Game Creators Association. The goal of this organization is to provide resources and funding to game developers in our region, while also becomming educators. The organization is bringing game development into classrooms in our regions, spreading all we know about art, programming, and sound design.

Meet the team!

Alex Clay is the founder, creative director, and lead programmer for 28:12 Studios. He is the one that brings new members in, handles administrative tasks, and oversees development as a whole.

Michael Laxton is a programmer and gameplay developer for 28:12 Studios. He works on developing various gameplay elements for the studio, and occasionally does some 3D modeling.

Cory Brown is a freelance 3D artist and developer. He is the owner of AFO Studios, another Huntington based game studio.

Josh Joseph is a sound artist, programmer, and mentor. He is an instructor at Mountwest Community and Technical College, and has played a key role in teaching all other members of the studio. He has helped found the studio, and has connected it with the other local game development groups, namely AFO Studios and Lasso Games.